On Israel's geography, exports, markets, size, etc.

I do not want political diatribe in this! I want factual answers!

  1. What is the size of Israel currently? How many Rhode Islands is it: )

  2. What are their exports? Do they make very many crops on the farms?

  3. How does the diamond trade affect Israel’s wealth?

  4. Israel produces guns. Desert Eagle, Uzi, etc. What else, and how does that affect their economy?

  5. What are their manufactured goods?

I want to know this stuff so I can get a grip on my understanding of the middle east. I am a little lacking in atlas-style answers to my questions. I do have a jar of Moshe and Ali’s mint pesto, which got me thinking about what they actually make and whether it is a significant enough amount to show up on the world market. If I can think of any other questions, I will post them. Thanks!

First, consult the Bible of All Things Relating to Foreigners , the CIA World Fact Book. In case you’d rather not click the link, I’ll summarize and add the little bit I know.

  1. “Slightly smaller than New Jersey.”

  2. Again according to above, Israel has a high-tech economy, actually exports fruits and vegetables (but imports grain), and diamond cutting is listed as important. They do have quite a few software and technology companies, as well as some notable pharmaceutical research labs. GDP is $18900 per capita, compared to US at $36200, and Syria at $3100.

  3. Tel Aviv is one of the MAJOR diamond trading centers. The only other one I can think of is Mumbai. Again, as above, diamond cutting is listed as a major economic activity by the fact book.

  4. Israel has a very good native arms industry. I’m not sure if Desert Eagles are actually made there anymore, but they make top-notch guided missiles and advanced things like radar sets, which are good enough for export (China recently bought some). I believe the US military bought a number of drone aircraft from them a few years back, before we had domestically manufactured models.

  5. Exports as listed as “machinery and equipment, software, cut diamonds, agricultural products, chemicals, textiles and apparel.”

Antwerp :slight_smile: . AFAIK Antwerp is the biggest followed by Tel Aviv and Mumbai.

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2. What are their exports? Do they make very many crops on the farms?*

They export a lot of avocados to France. I’ve been unable to find any avocados not imported from Israel, so, I’ve stopped eating them altogether.

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“What do I know about diamonds. Don’t they come from Antwerp?”
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