On NOT wearing my glasses

I have to wear my glasses all of the time, so my optometrist tells me. But why is it that when i get home and pick up a book, or fire up the computer, off come the glasses.
It is dark in here, all of the light comes from the screen, and i do not type well as it is.

I got the thinnest lenses i could afford, with anti-glare coating,
I have no doubt that i am being a brat, but surely there is another reason for this? Any other glasses wearers notice this? Help me out here?

That’s pretty common, especially as you get older. Your lenses correct for near-sightedness, but you don’t need them close up. As you age, you’ll become both near-sighted and far-sighted, and you’ll need bifocals.

I see no reason why you need to wear your glasses when reading. In fact, I would say it is better you take them off if you can read comfortably. What is your prescription? Do you have astigmatism?

I’ve always taken my glasses off to read–I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 7 or 8. I believe my optometrist told me to take my glasses off to read or do other close work when I first got them, and I find it’s much more comfortable for my eyes.