On the hook? WTF? Are you motherfucking insane you irish bastard?

So I was thinking. I’ve been to plenty of parties that were “off da hook”. But, I’ve never been to one where people described it as “on the hook”. What does on the hook mean to you? Have you been to any on the hook parties? Share your stories.

Geez. “On the hook” gives me the mental image of a whole lotta people “hanging around”, on hooks, if ya know what I mean…yuck. Sounds like a party I’d like to miss.

Well, is the one we’re going to a week from Saturday “off da hook” or what? Cuz you know I’m too trendy for those “on da hook” parties n’ all… :wink:

And haven’t I warned you about those Irish? You’re lucky all you escaped with was a burning question!

If something is “on the hook” it means that everything that your friend expected to happen, happened. It was probably non-eventful, average evening.

Rasa, your right to be worried, anything could happen!

Aah, but Twisty… your normal everyday Irish are one thing. Dangerous enough. But these Irish. These hellions that have invaded the Bay Area… now they are eeeeeeeevil! They are so off the hook!