On The Lot - 6/19

I hope there isn’t a thread for this already… The words are too short to let me search, and I didn’t see anything, so…

First of all, I have to say America got it right! Marty Martin, the self-centred trailer producer is GONE. That was certainly a great way to start the show…

Unfortunately, it went downhill from there…

The first film, The Glass Eye was mildly amusing, although it somehow felt unoriginal… What’s with these filmmakers and their fascination for chasing things… pennies, rings in drains, glass eyes? I had no idea that this film would almost be the high point! And someone teach the guy to use dialogue… Loved Carrie’s comments about The Jazz Singer, and talkies…

The second one was Blood Born, which I found preachy, and tough to follow… I kept thinking the doctor was going to tell the guy he was Jesus. Hated the preachiness, although it suited the filmmaker’s little bio at the beginning… As soon as he started talking about hating violence and sex in films, I knew he was on his way down - Way too smug all of a sudden. (Although picking on the mentally challenged - Oh, I mean “nerds” was OK last week. Picking them up, throwing them into the street, having them get run over and killed by a truck isn’t violent, is it?)

Third was Lost, which seemed to be an appropriate title. I think the judges were way too positive on this stinker. Boring, boring, boring.

Fourth was Sunshine Girl, which I thought was better than the others, but still not very amazing. What was the point of the parents fighting when the girl came out of her room? OK, but not an award winner if you ask me.

And last was the weird tree horror movie, The Orchard. What was that? I don’t think anything happened, except the guy was wearing glasses and then had no glasses about 5 times in the film. Was he putting on reading glasses to chop down the tree? And when they criticized her, she decided to pull a Marty Martin. I’m thinking she needs to go.

Anybody else still watching this thing?

Still watching but I don’t know why. I was glad to see Marty get kicked right away but the films still weren’t very good.

The eyeball thing was mildly amusing for about 20 seconds.

Blood Born was incoherent and preachy and silly all at the same time. Can the blood used in transfusions actually be tracked back to the original donor? That seemed kind of implausible to me. (I know it was magic blood but still, the doctor didn’t act much like a doctor. What doctor uses language like “healed?”)

Lost wasn’t terrible but needed to be better written and was kind of forgettable.

Sunshine girl had some flaws (like the music) but was basically cute and engaging and shows that whatshisname, the FX kid, looks like he might actually have some filmmaking talent and still looks like the winner if this show doesn’t get canceled.

The tree horror thing didn’t work at all. I guess I can appreciate the concept and the idea of trying to do something familiar from an unusual perspective, but the experiment just didn’t work for her. If she hadn’t explained the concept at the beginning I wouldn’t have understood what was supposed to be going on.

I guess I’ll keep watching for the trainwreck appeal and for the off-chance that the host will pop out of her shirt. I don’t know how this thing is going to be able to keep limping along like this all summer, though.