On TV gods, how have I angered thee? (very mundane and certainly pointless)

So I have somehow angered the TV gods.

It started last night with my satellite receiver losing channels. I have DISH and get my channels from two satellites (110 & 119). Both have even and odd transponders. The 110 satellite stop responding due to a faulty switch (mounted outside). I only lost access to a few channels. I had another new switch and figured I’d replace it today.

It didn’t help. Now, for some reason, the even numbered transponders on the 119 satellite don’t work! I am now down to 20 channels (one of which is the east coast FOX feed and there’s new shows on tonight!). I still have the west coast feed, so all is not lost. I called customer service and arranged to have the wiring replaced (hooray for the service contract). This is not an uncommon problem, apparently.

I had an old 19" TV in the bedroom I use to watch the local news and perhaps Leno’s monologue before going to bed (I have basic cable for this purpose. If I didn’t spend the $8/month, I’d have to spend an additional $17 for the cable modem).

Last night, I couldn’t get any channels. I checked and double-checked the connections, but everything was okay. On channels 2-6, I got snow. On 7-22, I got an extremely weak Weather Channel (which isn’t even in the basic package). I have an old VCR attached to this TV and I couldn’t even get reception from it, so I know the TV is toast. It’s 17 years old and it was given to me by my BIL who bought a bunch of them from a hotel that was going out of business. It was free and it lasted about a year, so I can’t whine, really. I picked up nice little Sylvania 19" at Sears for $99 today.

Their wrath is spreading.

Our remote, which has a good battery, no longer works. I can’t even access the menu on the TV to reprogram the remote!
So, I’ve obviously pissed off Someone.

A weird thing happened. I usually record “What’s My Line” on GSN every night and it’s on an even transponder. SInce I wasn’t getting even transponder signals, I was going to disable the timer for, but figured I’d leave it anyway. If I got a blank recording, I could always erase it. I got up this morning and found it had recorded.