On what day did George Washington celebrate his Birthday?

So, I see according to my calendar that George Washington’s Birthday is on February 22nd. But I also seem to remember seeing two different dates given for his birthday, presumably because the American colonies chose to switch over to the Gregorian Calendar at some point from the earlier used Julian Calendar.

If I remember rightly, this resulted in a loss of 10 or so days? So I would guess that would mean the actual date the little George celebrated in his youth, would be a different date once calendars were switched. I guess I’m just curious to know if he continued to mark his later birthdays when the familiar date rolled around, or if he adapted and used the 22nd.

And I just picked George Washington, but this question could apply to anyone alive at the time the calendar switched.

Oh, and incidentally, what is today - February 21st, 2001 on the Julian Calendar. I’m kinda interested in knowing my own birthday according to the older calendar…

George Washington, the first child of Augustine Washington’s second wife, Mary Ball, was born February 11,1732.

It was not until 1752 that a reformed calender altered all date by 11 days. So the 22nd isn’t wrong, its just the adjusted date. If you want to change dates to the old style just deduct 11 days from any given date.

No, converting New Style (Gregorian) dates for 2001 back into Old Style (Julian) ones requires the subtraction of thirteen days. The two calendar have continued to drift apart by one day at the turn of each subsequent century, except the present one.

The Julian->Gregorian switchover is why the October Revolution in the Soviet Union was celebrated in November: Czarist Russia was still on the Julian calendar.

So there’s one thing good the Soviets did. :D:D