On Yellow vs. White-Hued Headlights (and high beams)

I wonder why they’re legal, though…

We did a grade-school field trip to a science center where one of the presentations was an illuminated see-through human. So, the liver lit up red, and the recording said, “I am Mary’s liver. My job is . . .” for each organ in turn.

When Mary’s breasts lit up (white) some smart ass yelled, “Turn down your high-beams, Mary!”

I get cancer, I kill Mary.

Probably sold with a “for off road use only” disclaimer. They certainly don’t meet the federal requirements for hiway use.

I find the HID headlights often look as though they are flashing to high-beam as the car behind goes over bumps in the road. It’s really distracting. They get brighter and also appear to change colour from white to blue.

I miss the old yellow French headlights.

In the 80’s my wife and I had rented a car in Calais and drove through The Netherlands and Germany. All the other occupants of yellow head lighted cars waved.

Many HID lamps go through a bluish to purpleish to pinkish color range as they are failing.

I agree with gary. I looked into them and eventually just went with regular bulbs. Ive since modified my lighting so my fog lights stay on with my hi beams - they light peripherally better.

As far as I know, your allow 4 projection lights - typically low beams and fog lights. High beams count as two each, so its four total, which is why most vehicles have fog lights turn off when hi beams are on.

Well, Virgil will be here to tell us that fog lights will brighten up the close stuff so you can’t see the far off stuff as well. I’m sure he’s correct, but I wish my eyes had an f-stop readout.

Opps, Virgil is a lighting expert on candlepowerforums, not here. My bad.

Notice how both of those pics also have splitters and front air dams (aka front spoilers)? Full on race cars running around the track at speeds consistently over 100 mph will be able to use that downforce. FWD “Street cars” with just a spoiler in the back will basically unweight the drive wheels and make the car less stable.

Sorry, forgot to add this cite.

In the cars I know, in the US. If your fog lights are on, they will only come on with your low beam lights. So… If your bright lights are on, your fog lights automatically go off. Put on your low beams for oncoming traffic, and your fog lights also turn back on.

It’s a bit confusing as the two bright lights approaching you then turn to four lights. The low beams and the fog lights.