Once again, I've worn out my crotch.

Yes, for about the tenth time in a row, I’ve had to retire a pair of jeans because a hole has developed right in the crotchal area. I don’t get it. Out of all the places where jeans could wear out, why does it always choose THAT spot?? I could deal with a hole in the knee. Or the thigh. Or even the butt, if it’s positioned quite right. But no.

I’m always left with acres of unspoiled, perfectly useable denim, all going to waste because of the crotch hole.

Stupid pants.

Happens to me, too. I think it’s because I’m built with my legs close together. But jeans from The Gap seem to be the worst offenders for wearing out quickly.

yeah - jeans, underwear, shorts - they ALL end up with that extra ventilation hole. It’s an annoying pain in the, um, crotch. Fuppin expensive too.

its also the reason why i never wear Sarongs

There there. You can’t help it if you’re too much man for your pants.

Just sew it up. Or, reinforce it when you first buy the pants. If you can’t sew, or have no friends who can help out, take them to an alterations place. They’ll reinforce the seams or put in a layer of interfacing and fabric to wear through first.

Begone Woman! Enough with your twisted female logic! :wink: :smiley:

Don’t make me smite you. I’ve too many others to get to today.

Ooh, smitings. Can I watch? Can I? Can I? Huh?

I nominate this thread as having the best title ever.

I had that problem, too, until I stopped wearing jeans. I lost a lot of weight, and I HATE buying jeans. HATE HATE HATE!!! I mean, regular clothes shopping is ok, because you’re looking for fun stuff. But jeans-shopping. . . so boring! So painful! So self-esteem-ruining!

So I switched to skirts and yoga pants, not that this is probably a feasable option for the OP.

I have this problem with all my pants but now I know what to do about it. Get some of this stuff and use one of your old pairs as patching material. Next time when your jeans start getting thin in the crotch, apply the glue and a patch. Problem solved! Until your jeans start looking like a patchwork quit, anyway.

I seem to have lost an “l” up there.


“Arrrr, that’s gonna replace the whale in my nightmares!”


Wouldn’t a crotch-patch kind of direct attention to your crotch? :wink:

If you safety pin the knees together, maybe the crotch won’t wear out as quickly. :smiley:

Take the vibrator away…
Don’t let your pup chew your crotch…
Maybey your washer/dryer has a fetish…

Double layer of denim on your crotch? Sheesh, where’s the comfort?

The answer to jeans with worn through crotch holes is simple. Wear a “cooler than thou” attitude and a pair of boxers with a stylish pattern.

I hate that… it happens all the time with me. 2 months is about the longest I can wear my jeans for before I end up giving the hwole world a peep show. Great fun, no?

So a kilt is not an option? :wink: