Once again, my apologies to Dopers in the Northeast U.S.

I washed, waxed and vacuumed out my car on Tuesday.


You have to admit, we needed to fill the aquifers, though.

Selfish bastard. Next thing you’ll be watering your lawn. The nerve of some people, I tell ya . . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

OK, now I know the northeast has been really dry, but we’re going to be at Dave and Ginger’s on Saturday, and the weather must be lovely. So you and your kind better just quit doing stuff that might cause rain. Don’t make me scold you!!

You were the cause of that beautiful light show we had Wednesday night? I Thank you!

Well, you owe Maryland a great big apology, because you knocked down the Wye Oak.

Thanks Dave, the pool was getting low.

However, it’s really vital you don’t do it again late next week. My daughter’s birthday party must be held outside.

Man, I feel terrible about the oak tree. Maryland – sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

And I’ll do my best re: Dave and Gingy. I like both of them a whole lot, so I don’t wanna wreck that.

And Why A Duckling’s party…well, all I have planned for late next week is a tooth cleaning and getting a tattoo.

Um, I’m probably gonna mow the lawn maybe this Saturday or Sunday.

Be prepared for locust swarms.

That’s nothin’. I can cause a heat wave simply by planning and purchasing the ingredients for a pot roast dinner.

How big is your car? It rained today in Savannah!

I love northeastern droughts…they make for alot less rained-out weekends. Besides, we always seem to make it up eventually before the real rationing kicks in.

Old joke:

What comes after two rainy days in Maryland?

Monday. :frowning:

Dear Dave:

Cut it out.

Love, Gingy.

Well, it is a mini-van…

And Gingy…today is a beautiful day, at least here in southern Nueva York. Hope the influence extends to DelMarVa Land.

All you folks who don’t want more rain next week, I got you covered. I’ll just spread some grass seed on the bare spots on my lawn.

That usually guarantees weeks without a drop of moisture.

You’d better not! Wash your car every day, please.

God I love rain! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

I can’t get enough rain. Especially thunder storms. Mmmmm!

I like thunderstorms, too, Opal. Really loud, bangy, rumbly ones that shake the windows and stuff. Cool!

My son, though, is scared to death of thunder. Not lightning, just thunder. So he kinda takes the enjoyment out of them for me, especially if it’s in the middle of the night.