Once is never good enough

What movies scream out for remakes?

I was watching I Walked with a Zombie recently and suddenly understood VanSant’s Psycho remake: I wanted to take Zombie and remake it, frame by frame, magnifying some shots, repeating some gestures, etc.; I just wanted to meditate and ruminate on the parts of this film to help me understand why I loved the whole so much.

Then, re-screening Arsenic and Old Lace a couple days later, marvelling at the extremity of its darkness balanced so well against the giddiness of its comedy, I suddenly found myself wishing Tim Burton would come along and remake it; to add some dark to the darkness and some absurdity to the farce.

THEN, I saw Monkey Business again, possibly my favorite Howard Hawks film, and wondered WHY in HELL Cronenberg hasn’t remade it yet.

And of course, I thin every movie ever made should be REmade as a Toni Colette vehicle.

What films cry out for another take?

No, Ricky Ricardo did not write that.

*I think every movie ever made . . .