Once more: Laptop Recommendations Please

I know we’ve done these many times before, but anybody got a rec for a laptop? I kinda know what specs I’m looking for: 14-17", i7, 16 GB, in the $900-1500 range.

Thee are so many different ones out there, do I just sort of pick one? I’d like to hear if you got one you like and why or why not. Any reliability issues, any other specs I should be on the lookout for, etc.


I have a Dell 2-in-1 laptop that I like, although my primary system is a desktop. As you said, there are many out there. Do you want something small and light? Do you want a full-siize keyboard or a 15" or 17" screen?

Is there a Microsoft Store or a Best Buy near you? Both have computers from different manufacturers on display, so you can try them. That might help you narrow down what you like.

It doesn’t need to be small and light. It’s going to spend most of the time on my desk, very rarely going on business trips. I’d prefer a full size keyboard, but I suppose I could always get an external one.

Well,what are you going to do with it? If it’s just some web surfing, document creation and so forth, you can satisfy the requirements with something even less than $900. And a Google Chromebook might even satisfy your needs (and I think they’re like $300).

As always, it’s what you’re going to do with it. You can get a $150 refurbished laptop for the basics or a $2000 laptop for high end games.

Some notes on things to consider:

Touchscreen? Mrs. FtG has a laptop with one and she loves it. Not so much for me.

What type of “hard drive”. A 500Gig solid state drive is wonderful but costs you. Even faster (if done right) are the newer type M.2 drives. But again more $. Do you want a mix? A small SSD for the OS, etc. and a bigger one for data such as videos?

Connectors? Do you need HDMI out? HDMI in? How many USB connectors, esp. USB3?

One thing to note is that a Chromebook that seems less powerful might actually be faster due to a more efficient OS.

Notebookcheck.org has the most comprehensive reviews I’ve seen.

I’m on my second HP Envy, 17" with B&O sound. It’s not a touch screen, as I don’t like them.

Intel Core i7
12GB Ram
64 bit
Nvidia GEForce
DVD drive
3 USB ports
HDMI port

Bought it at Costco and it’s in your price range.

A lot of people don’t like the keyboards (called chiclet style) on most laptops. So try it out before spending $1000 (although using it on the desk you can get an external keyboard):