One Big Happy (Elisha Cuthbert sitcom)

So, I watched the first episode, which I take to be the pilot, more or less, of **One Big Happy **on NBC.

It was all right. Elisha Cuthbert plays a very Elisha Cuthbert character, I would say. Or at least it reminds me of her role on Happy Endings. This one’s less of a space cadet, more uptight and more a responsible adult, but there’s a sort of cheerful asexuality of characterization again. At least in the pilot.

Nick Zano (who was also on Happy Endings, as it happens) plays her roommate/platonic life partner, who is kind of spacy. Kelly Brook plays his new wife. Hijinks ensue.

It remains to be seen how it all goes. Only 6 episodes were ordered to start. I laughed a lot at the pilot, but it is after all a pilot, and shows can go downhill from there.

I refuse to watch unless at least one episode revolves around her being lost in the woods and stalked by mountain lions.

She’ll never live that down, will she?

So not a TV version of the newspaper comic, then.

Apparently not.

Two episodes in, and…it doesn’t suck. I like how they’re playing the uptight not!Ellen character against her very physical new roommate.