One day in San Antonio?

What it says. We’re spending a rest day in San Antonio. We’ll go see the Alamo, do the Riverwalk. Any other suggestions, places to see, places to eat? Thanking you, Dopers.

Not really. You got the two I would consider musts. I would probably add the Tower of the Americas

but that’s just because I remember being in it when it was new. The view is still pretty freaking cool.

The Tower of the Americas is near the Institute of Texan Cultures–both close to the River Walk. The Briscoe Western Art Museum is new–haven’t seen it. But it’s downtown, too.

If you’ve got a car, I’d suggest checking out the missions. (They’re close to downtown & accessible by mass transit, too.) They–including the Alamo–are a World Heritage site. Since time is tight, you could just check out Mission San Jose.

Art? The San Antonio Museum of Art is in a lovely old building & has a fine collection. Now reachable by the the river taxi. Lots more artsy/craftsy stuff to be seen around town.

One day is not enough. I’d check out the website to see what fits your time and interests. Kiddie museum? Botanic garden? Shopping?

The other missions are more interesting than the Alamo for me.

You might take a look at the Mercado

Phil Collins (Genesis singer) is an Alamo fan and he used to have a scale model across the street, essentially a diorama where the battle* is recreated. Pretty cool, if it’s still there.

    • battle, not. Slaughter.

Take another rest day and drive over to Lockhart. Smitty’s, Black’s, Kreuz…it’s all good.

If you’re stuck in San Antonio, have a touristy breakfast at Mi Tierra.

If you’re sending them that far then go to Driftwood TX: the Salt Lick BBQ.

The Buckhorn Museum is worth a visit if you like animals. Or if you really hate animals.