One e-mail from my ex-SIL in 4 tell me Obama isn't a citizen.


I haven’t talked to my ex-sister inlaw in about 3 years, and the last e-mail she sent me was about pictures of my new baby. He is five now. So, today I was shocked to find something from her in my inbox. I actually had to think for a second who “Tammy” was. And this is what she sends. Thislink. I have heard about it but hadn’t seen it. She wanted to know if it was true!

What do you tell people who send stuff like this? Especially when you know they are as far right as it gets when it comes to politics.

Thanks. I did send a newspaper article I found debunking the whole claim. But I will send this as well.

Just tell her that it’s OK - McCain isn’t a Citizen either:

Oh, I forgot that he was born there. She will be getting 3 emails from me today now! I suspect I will be taken off her forward list soon.

Kind of makes you wish it were physically painful to be stupid, eh?

I just don’t get the selective stupidity. She is a high ranking(if there is such a thing) nurse, of about 18 years. She isn’t stupid when it comes to her job.

I know a woman who (at the time) was a complete dumbass about computers. I mean she made the “my cupholder is broken” people look like Nobel Laureates. Her profession? Registered pharmacist. :eek:

But jeez, this woman is a NURSE and she can’t figure out how to verify whether Obama is a citizen? Or how he could even end up on the ticket if he weren’t? That’s pathetic, and a little scary.