One hell of a lunch date

Nosh and Vertigo, or Why I Don’t Work Construction.

Note that this isn’t the famous picture. It’s modern, and a lot more bucolic. This is the famous one, and this one deserves to be more famous.

That’s a great shot. My dad did some iron work, and he said there’d be old grizzled construction guys who would get sloshed at lunch and then weave their way along the girders 15 stories up. I don’t even like being on a ladder to paint.

Those pictures put me nearly to the point of cold sweats and hypervenilation.

Seriously, I feel a little ill after seeing that.

Put me on the edge of a natural cliff and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll hang my legs off, pee over the side, whatever. But if it’s manmade; the balcony of a highrise, the railing of a bridge… ugh, makes me queasy and weak-kneed to the point of nausea.

I was recently in Seattle, and I wanted to get a skyline photo at dusk. I found a road that runs over the 5 (Beacon Ave), that seemed to be a good location. I walked up the hill, and was really surprised by how much vertigo it gave me. It was odd, because I’m not really bothered by heights. I guess part of it was being over the freeway, and part of it was the very low railings - it just felt like I could fall onto the freeway pretty easily.
ANyway, here’s the photo:

I remember reading a few times that working 90 floors up isn’t any difference than something like 9. You’re gonna be dead if you fall either way.
I couldn’t do it.

While not as hair-raising as Derleth’s post, this is bad enough.

Wow, very nice.

Derleth, I can’t stand any of those photos. (Or your link either, pat.) I’m one who starts getting nervous about the 5th floor, going up. shudder

I ate here years ago, it had nice views of Niagara Falls, but I think my mom almost had a heart attack in the elevator on the way up.

Yeah, but the guys in the newer picture are safety conscious, as can be seen from the nifty hard hats they are wearing.

But wouldn’t a parachute be a bit more practical?

Naaah! Real men don’t wear parachutes on high iron! If a guy falls, why he has plenty of time befcore he splatters to learn how to flap his arms real hard!