One Hour Photo or Red Dragon?

Oh, God - I don’t know if this belongs in here or IMHO, but I need to decide which one of these movies to see. I have an hour to make my decision.

In the reviews, both movies got a B-, so that didn’t help. :frowning:

Any suggestions?



I have yet to see Red Dragon but I did see OHP. I was not that impressed with the movie. B- seems like a fair rating.

I vote for RD. From what I have read, if you liked Silence of the Lambs you should like this movie as well.

OHP is definately a “wait for rental”. Not that bad but not worth $8.00 either.

I liked both quite a bit. Flip a coin.

Do you HAVE to see one of these?

Yes, cuz the other movies that are playing there are total crap - like Sweet Home Alabama, Tuxedo, etc.

Those are the only two good movies playing there.

One Hour Photo, probably isn’t going to be in theatres much longer, so I vote for One Hour Photo.

Okay, let’s try this. Do you HAVE to see a movie?

I’m not trying to be a jerk here. It’s just that if you’re that ambivalent about them, maybe a movie just isn’t in the cards.

Well, no I don’t HAVE to - I WANT to, and I can’t decide which one to see - my friend is getting the tickets and is nice enough to let me decide which one - hence the post.

I was hoping someone here saw both movies and could say “Yeah, see this one - it’s better!”

I saw both of these movies within 3 days of each other. I enjoyed both.
One Hour Photo is a movie that would also work well viewed on video or DVD, IMHO.
Red Dragon is one to see in the theater–most defintely.

I vote Red Dragon.

Greywolf makes an excellent point. Red Dragon should be seen in a theater, OHP will work fine as a rental.

Red Dragon it is!

Thanks, folks! :slight_smile:

Too bad you can’t see them both, on the same bill. Even better, if it could be a tripple-feature including a revival of “Peeping Tom,” so as to show almost* every movie portraying a creepy person who works in photography.

*not to include “the Bridges of Madison County.” That would be TOO creepy.

Well, I’m back and I really enjoyed it. I do think Edward Norton is a way overrated actor, though.