One last time, we'll play this game out....

I figured that would work to get all you Warlock folks in here.

Now then, the game I’m refering to of course, is “Change that Sig line!”
I’ve done this once before, with poor results. Currently, I am not happy with my sig lines, so I want to change them. I was hoping to be able to brag about a virtual crush or something, but my one foray into that realm (welfy) fell flat.

So what I’m hoping to get is feeback on what folks think of me… my opinions, my posting style, my humor or lack of, anything really. I dig the sigs that have info in them, or quotes about folks from other folks. I also like to say Folks alot.

So let me have it folks. No need to be subtle, I can take it.

I’m still new here so I haven’t been able to get too many opinions formed, but from what I’ve seen, I’ve liked your posts. I also like your name :slight_smile: And check your email.

Hmm . . .

  1. You could drop the final few empty lines (literally empty. I’m not talking about your title from FPK) and maybe make a webpage of your sig because it is rather long. IMO, of course.

And I can say that because MY sig is short:-)

I have a feeling you’ll have something for your sig once you check that email from Tequila Mockingbird. :smiley:
Tequila, do you know if Tristan’s of legal age for that sort of stuff? :wink:

I still suggest you drop that “Hall of Heroes” stuff as that is longer than many of the actual posts I’ve seen.

Oh no… Am I contributing to the deliquency? :stuck_out_tongue:

HAve no fears, I am well of age for this sort of thing… whatever it may be.

I will check the e-mail when back from lunch… and thanks, I hope.
Keep the idea’s coming… must change soon…

[sub]Mmmmmmmm… songbirds and booze…[/sub]

Ok, I now have a crush, or at least a roaring case of lust…

So, Tequila, you wouldn’t happen to be on the West coast, would you? :smiley:

Unfortunately Tristan, I moved to the Midwest from So. Calif. last May. I am gonna steal that line for my sig I think though…the songbird one…lol…too funny! Crush? Aw shucks… :slight_smile: Thanks;) I’ll just be a goober and wander away now:)

evil evil evil evil woman… wandering away… sheesh. Now I just have to get to a PC here at work where I can do more than just get a glance of the pics…

K, here it is in it’s new, half done state. Opinions? Complaints? Death Threats?

So I will not be a vital part of your sig line?


Welfy: You can be in mine if you say something stupid enough :stuck_out_tongue: (see current sig for comparison)

Tristan: So what’s a couple hundred miles? racinchikki’s 1500 miles away from me!

I’d get rid of the unnecessary carraige returns, just to make it look shorter - like so:

Tequila Mockingbird is my lust object… if it weren’t for the whole matter of several hundred miles…
[sub]Dubbed Prince Tristan, Beloved of All Deemed Lucky Enough to Make Your Acquaintance, Enchanter of the Fair Sex, Protector of Family and Love, Baron of All That is Sweet to The Senses by our very own FPK! [/sub]

Ok, to accomodate my first love, I have changed yet again… hope it makes all happy…