One of my cats is missing

Bad Declan! Glad he’s back.

What’s up with cats returning from the AWOL to a hostile house, full of hissing kitties? My dogs would be overjoyed at seeing each other again.

Cats are so odd.

Bad Declan! Bad! Bad! Don’t you EVER do that again and worry poor Brynda. But I’m SO happy you’re back! Smooch, smooch, rubby rubby, head butt, pet pet pet.

Seriously Brynda, I hope he’s learned that There’s No Place Like Home.

My mom’s cat is *always *itching to get out the door. Front or back, it doesn’t matter. She made it one day & was missing for a week. We cased the neighborhood, put out flyers with glossy pictures, spoke with the neighbors, etc. A coyote had been spotted locally, and our greatest fear was that YumYum had become part of the food chain. It didn’t help when local kids caught on to her name & suggested that she was probably a furry, tasty morsel for a coyote. Anyway, she turned up exactly a week later, slightly thinner and dirtier. We guessed that she’d got herself trapped in somebody’s garage while they were away. She *still *tries to get out, but one press of the car alarm scares her away from the back door, and we keep her isolated from the front door.

Welcome home, Declan! Relax a bit, Brynda!

Dec seems a little spacey from the pain meds, but otherwise good. He purrs and seems happy to see me and to be home. Thanks, everyone, for all the good ideas and good wishes.

The returning animal smells of wherever he’s been, and it’s usually a smell the others aren’t used to. I’ve had the same reaction when one of them returns from the vet . . . also, when my mother returned from the hospital.

You growled and hissed and spat at your own mother? After she’d been in the hospital?!?