One of the better America's Got Talent acts

This lady is pretty impressive - one of the best I’ve seen:

Any of you watching this season so far?

Some rocky notes, but pretty good.

I can’t. I was flipping through last week and thought I’d give it a try and there was a guy doing an act with “toe puppets.” It was moronic enough that I couldn’t see myself sitting through any of the rest of it.

The quality of strippers this year has been so bad they aren’t even keeping Hasselhoff’s attention.

This is the first season I’ve watched and I’m a little baffled. Wouldn’t it be a more interesting show if they showed 8 or 10 acts that were all roughly the same caliber and there was actually some question who would move on? The acts that get air time are either dreadful or get standing ovations from the crowd and it’s rarely hard to tell which we’re about to see. And it seems to me those crowds are a little loose with the standing Os. The 70year old disco guy was charming and hooray for him for trying but c’mon. Really…wouldn’t saying “we like what you did but it’s not a million dollar act” let him savor the crowd response and be enough?

How does the competition work? Will we see all of these people again? Is there any sort of rhyme or reason to how many in each category are selected? I suppose there’s an AGT website with FAQs I should look at…

I thought the woman in the OPs link sang well (far better than I can) but is that really a Vegas act? Is that even the goal?

I thought the judges and crowd were needlessly harsh on the drama club kids from Tennessee. I wouldn’t pay to sit down and watch them for an hour but I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Up With People had called them the night the show aired. There are more places where I can imagine their act being appropriate than the toe puppet guy’s.

In my opinion, this year, they should have renamed the show to:

“Who Wants to Make a Foul of Themself on TV”

The only way I can watch it is to record it and then give my fast forward finger a workout!

but he’s got acts like this to keep his attention:

I watched it for every season but this one. Each season I kept hoping it would get better. It radically changed…but didn’t get better. This season I finally gave up. The problem with this show isn’t in its concept, but in its execution. The producers and editors need to be taken outside and whipped. I could list a few dozen fundemental things that are just wrong with this show but it honestly wouldn’t make a lick of difference so I’m not sure why I would bother.

The only way to watch this show is to record it on DVR and then fast-forward through the crap. It is actually a very fun, entertaining, 8 minute show if you skip the bullshit.