One of the funniest glitches I've seen on this board

The below pic is an icon for my straight dope app. The “SD” you see used to fill the whole square. And recently the SD keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller until you can barely see it.

Lol, what is going on here?

Yes, i noticed mine is getting smaller also. Though not as small as yours. Yet.

There’s an app?

Yes. Log out, delete your cookies and log back in. Discourse will ask you if you want to download the app.

Huh. TIL.

Why an app? What’s the difference?

Sad metaphor for the shrinking number of Dopers.

It will send you notifications if someone responds to your posts or threads

Also it’s easier to access than a browser. Click the icon and it takes you right where you wanna be.

And TBTB recommended it for reasons I can’t remember

Stop twisting your phone that much !

Shrinkage is a curse.

Maybe some of the pixels are getting banned for trolling.

We used to recommend Tapatalk because vBulletin was so crappy on mobile devices.

Discourse works a lot better on mobile than vBulletin, but some folks prefer the app for mobile devices. Either works, so it’s down to personal preference (IMHO).

I was in the pool!!

It’s melting away like a snowball in Hell.

It’s so tiny now, less than half the size of the picture in the OP. I’m curious to see if it disappears entirely.

Oh my god. I thought I was going crazy. Or this is a new way to ban you to the cornfield.

Mine is teeny tiny.

If it continues to shrink to nothingness, I’m blaming @Gatopescado .

Because his avatar is a white square.

I always knew he has untapped powers.

Bad, bad, bad Catfish!!

The Discourse developers appear to have been notified in their own bug report forum.

I imagine we’ll see a fix here soon-ish.

Nice find. Someone says you can just recreate the icon to restore the image, though likely just restarting the shrink clock. That’s too much effort for me, though, besides which the shrinking is funny.

Moving this to “site Feedback”, since it’s about Discourse, not about the Straight Dope per se.