one of the girl groups

I happen to know that only one of the gril groups wrote their onwn song…
Georgiana dobbins ( the marvelettes) was assisted with writing "PLease MR.Postman with other outside songwriters…
Other than that none of the other girl groups wrote their ow songs,they wre written for them


Thanks for that factoid, was there a reason for it?

I have also heard that none of the orchestras, even the most famous ones, write their own symphony pieces – but just re-play ones from people called ‘composers’!


Hardly any singers wrote their own songs in those days. Why pick on only the girl groups?

All five members of the Chantels – Arlene Smith, Lois Harris, Sonia Goring, Jackie Landry, and Rene Minus – met as children…Smith wrote all of the group’s early material and…Released in the summer of 1957…
The Shirelles: One of the first 1950s and 60s girl groups and among the few to write their own songs, the Shirelles…

Go-Go’s. The first all-girl American rock band to write their own songs, play their own instruments and reach the top of the Billboard charts.
The girl groups were often made up of teenaged girls when their song became a hit. Practically all of them were black, but many fans were not aware of that fact. Some of the singers had sung gospel music in their church. Many of the girls wrote their own songs, but sometimes the producers got the credit for them.

The Bangles wrote or co-wrote most of their songs too.

The Shirelles may have written “I Met Him On A Sunday” but I don’t think “they” wrote any others. Luther Dixon was a prolific songwriter who shared credit with Shirley Alston on “Tonight’s the Night” and maybe some other minor hit, but their greatest hit was a cover of The Five Royales’ “Dedicated To the One I Love” written by Lowman Pauling and Ralph Bass.

Then there’s the Electric Barbarellas, who said this to say in May of 2011…

Guess they’ve never heard of The Beatles. Or even The Bangles. Teen girls. Can’t live with 'em…unless you’re their legal guardian.

Another recent girl group that wrote their own songs were The Pipettes. The tradition continues.

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Only partially on-topic, but anyway…

I remember being a little surprised when I looked at the songwriting credits for SheDaisy, a country sister act (and each sister having a different hair color.) Only one of the sisters does any songwriting, and she’s author or co-author of nearly every song the group recorded.

Take a look at the pictures here.

Which one would you pick as the songwriter?


Kristyn - the blonde.