One-off, low volume, direct mail - does this service exist?

I just moved. I need to update my address with a handful of businesses that don’t have online presences or otherwise need a letter to confirm my new address.

I also don’t have a personal printer handy, and I can’t remember the last time I bought a box of envelopes or a book of stamps.

Are there any services that will print and mail a one off, single page, first class letter for a reasonable cost?

Here ya go.

Just select the “Mailgram” service.

$18.95 each for Mailgram seems excessive.

It might be cheaper to go someplace like a FedEx Office store, print the letters yourself (you can rent a computer there if you need to write them), and buy a box of envelopes and a few stamps.

Between $2 and $3 is the standard price for low batch mailing. There are dozens if not hundreds of web sites that do it.

What are you using to connect to The Dope?
Do you have a word processing program on it?
Can you mail-merge a form letter with addresses to the businesses concerned?
[That or copy/paste the body on a bunch of pages with the companies’ different addresses and salutation lines]

Then save the document to a flash drive (or store on your phone, for that matter) and get UPS or Kinkos/FedEx or even the local library or drugstore to print the document.

Then stuff envelopes and add addresses and stamps.

I can’t imagine it would cost more than $15 including stamps and labels (if you bother with them).


That’s exactly what I do. Just merge or type the changes into a standard letter, save the letters as 1.doc, 2.doc, etc., and then have them printed at a local Kinko’s or other business. You can also have envelopes printed, but I just hand address those and use a pre-printed return label.

When I move, I have to send out 15 or 20 such letters. Total cost is usually less than $3.00 (excluding postage).

I’ve used Vistaprint before to send out both change of address and holiday cards; last time was btwn $1-2 each and all I did was upload a .csv of the addresses and pay.

That’s a shame you have to do that. NZ Post will give you paid postcards for just that purpose when you move in NZ. Total cost is your time writing the addresses on the card. Drop them in a post box and it’s done!