One red jalapeño

I have one red jalapeño off of the our plant. What should I do with it?

Why you could make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl…

Chop it up in an omelet or make a small bottle of pepper sauce.

Make a small bottle of pepper sauce.

Use it anywhere that you would use a green one, but that also shows off the pretty colour. The taste of the red ones is not outstandingly different from the green ones, but they look great.

You can mix red and green peppers in pepper sauce. It will look pretty in a nice bottle. It’s easy to make.

Eat it! It’s just a ripe jalapeno, and will be a bit sweeter than a green one.

The thing is, there’s only one. Usually I make poppers, but it’s not worth it for one.


You now qualify for membership in the Failed Pepper Growers of the PNW. Our numbers are legion.

Well, if you wait, they’ll usually all turn red.

Also, they’re usually a little hotter when ripe.

Personally, when I’ve grown jalapenos, I’ve let them all ripen to red, because I don’t know what the signal is for when I should pick them green.

But the firstfruits of your plant, and just one of them? Just eat it straight.

If you were in my neighborhood I’d make an offer for it because one jalapeño is just about a perfect snack for my conure and either there’s a taste difference between red and green for him, or he just really likes the color because he definitely prefers the red ones.

So… parrot snack.

Mince it up into scrambled eggs. Sprinkle a little cheese on top.

Take that one jalapeño, add this and you’ve got a fantastic minimalist casserole.

I made this peach chutney, with some minor variations*, and it’s flippin’ delicious. I bet you could throw that jalapeno into a batch of chutney and enjoy the heck out of it.

  • chile flakes instead of a pepper, and regular raisins instead of golden raisins, since those were the ingredients I had; and I simmered it an extra hour or so until it darkened and thickened.

Most green peppers will turn red.

That said, Weird Al would say, “Eat it, Just Eat It!”

Am I the only one who opened this half expecting a variation of a one ton tomato?

Wanda LaPeña, he’s calling Wanda LaPeña…

There. :slight_smile:

I thought what my friend gave me this spring was a jalapeno plant. But the peppers grew pointing up, and they turned a delightful red. They look just like the Chili’s logo. Turns out they were fresno peppers. Basically red jalapenos I am led to believe. Pickling them at the moment. I’ll see how they do on nachos this fall.