One small step for 2 Spanish students, one giant leap for classes to come.

When I got my Spanish midterm back, I was very, very surprised to discover that I had gotten a C. Now, I know that there are going to be some Dopers that are ready to jump on me for complaining about a C, but bear with me. Normally, I wouldn’t be all that upset; however, this was one of the easiest exams I have ever taken. I just knew I had done better than that. So after school, a friend of mine (who also thought she did better than her grade indicated) and I went to look at the exams. And, low and behold, the teacher’s answer key had been mistaken on at least ten questions, if not more. I just barely missed an A for the semester because of that midterm, and I think this will bump me up! The funny part is, she’s been using this same exam for years- and no one else ever thought to go back and look at it! :smack: Who knows how long this would have gone on, how many future years of classes would have gotten so much less than that grades they deserved because of the teacher’s error. :smiley:

Mundane? Yes. Pointless? Of course. A must share? Sure, why not?


Congrats on spotting the inconsistencies and hurray for errors in your favor!

So what did you do? Did you bring this to the teacher’s attention? Is there still time to get your grade corrected and credited for the errors?

Life on Wry, we showed the teacher, and finally got it through her head what the problem was. She said that she was glad we found the errors, and that its not too late to change them, and to remind her to tell the other classes. :slight_smile:

Well done Monica. How are your plans to study Spanish abroad going?

Congratulations on catching the error.

Any idea what can be done for those past students whose grades were affected by this?

Bien hecho! :slight_smile:

ruadh, the plans for going to Spain over the summer are going great. I found a program that sounds absolutely wonderful. I think I’ll be spending a month in Salamanca this summer!

Wow, it’s mind-boggling that the teacher didn’t catch the mistakes herself before it came to this! For the rest of us Hispanophiles, do you remember what any of them were (with correct & incorrect answers)?

Oh, and have an absolute blast in Spain if you go! If you make it to Madrid, have some hongos al ajillo in some seedy tapas place on the Plaza Mayor for me, willya?

Eva Luna, most of the ones that she had the incorrect answers for were in one section. The directions said to complete the paragraph in the imperfect tense, and about 1/2-3/4 of her answers were in the past tense. I can’t remember the other questions, and we aren’t allowed to take the tests home as they have to be on file.

I was also surprised that she hadn’t caught the mistakes. However, this is the same teacher who thought that if the test is 170 points, and you divide the score by 2, you would get the percent correct. Therefore, if someone had a 170 points out of 170 points, they would have gotten an 85. She finally agreed to divide by 1.75 instead of 2, but refuses to admit she was wrong in the first place. :rolleyes: