One thing the Internet has changed: your clever jokes and ideas are already taken!

This happens to me all the time. I’ll come up with a funny joke or something. A pun. I pat myself on the back: “You funny guy!”

But then I google the idea: Wuh whoa, it’s taken! Done. Often more than once.

In the “good old days,” I would have remained in back-patting mode. Told the joke to others. No one would have known the difference. Now? No such luxury!

Anyone else experience this?

I’m sure I’ve read this post on another board.

And that one.

Yes. I’ve invented a few things I thought were brilliant, only to discover that someone already got there first.

On the other hand, I’ve had a few ideas that, whilst not world-changing, look like they may have been original - if you google something and can’t find a trace of it, the chances are fair you’re the first to think of it.

Yep. It also works in that direction!

After a big event, it’s amusing to see how many professional comedians tweet a variation on the same joke. While regular people often come up with better original ones.

As a kid, I remember coming up with the idea of hooking a modem to a video game console, as well as adding a disk drive. If we’d had the Internet back then, I’d have known both already existed in Japan with the Famicom.

As for jokes, I’ve never cared that much if my joke was completely original. All that matters is the likelihood that my intended audience hasn’t heard it. And even that doesn’t matter all the time.

I keep having awesome ideas about adorable things to crochet for my Etsy shop. But they’ve all been done!

A dyslexic guy walked into a bra…

Well my story about the dwarven fence (link to document in thread) hasn’t been done by someone else yet. :smiley: I’ve actually searched for any other stories using that idea. There are none and very few Icelandic-based medieval fantasies (most are set in countries based on England). Strange given how much high fantasy is inspired by Norse mythology which was preserved in Iceland.

I invented (or thought I invented) portka, a cocktail combining port wine and vodka. Nope, someone else got there in 2007.

I was, however, the first person on the internet to give the small, three-state area where Vermont and New Hampshire meet Massachusetts the name Verhampsachusetts.

So you think you are the first person to notice this?


More succinctly… ‘Been there, done that.’ :stuck_out_tongue:


But we know that to be untrue. Someone invented the lightbulb, the digital watch, and Marmite ice cream. Right there and then, there was something new under the sun.

Masshiremont has a nice ring to it.

Here’s my invention idea, because I hate mundane daily tasks like flossing. A machine you can put your face into which has scanned the inside of your mouth and knows the optimal way to floss, brush and rinse your teeth. It does it for you as you stand there. You can buy an enhancement that gives you a neck and shoulder massage as you wait.

What do you think? Too expensive for the average household?

I’m waiting for this little baby to show up. If it’s strong enough I stuff a brillo pad in my mouth at the same time maybe I’m three quarters of the way to your invention gigi

I’m not sure that trying to force a Hayes modem into the cartridge slot of your NES counts as innovation.

I’m pretty sure I was the first to write this gag:

What do dyslexic zombies crave?

Brians. Bri-i-i-i-i-ians!

I invented the term “brrr” to describe cold beer. It’s the one thing the Internet hasn’t taken from me.

“Anything you can think of is already on the internet, and someone has found a way to profit from it.” I think that’s Jester’s law of Modern Creativity, but some close variant is probably already incorporated into some online marketing guide.

The wife and I were lying in bed talking about llamas & zombies (because we’re really interesting in bed) and we both coughed up “zombie alpaca lips” at the same time. Away to the googler we went, and sure enough.