Online Adult Content: What Elements Make It So?

I’m creating a website and am struggling with an issue of whether or not I will need to add an adults-only disclaimer to my website’s home page. This struggle came about after I decided that I wanted to use any online advertising service that would send 10,000 to 1,000,000 visitors for a set fee. This kind of ad campaign is what I currently desire the most.

The problem is this: All of the services that will target my desired audience (Females in mainstream categories, such as ‘beauty’, ‘dating’, ‘advice’, etc.) will NOT advertise for websites with adult content. But if I use ad services for adult content only, I’m afraid that the only visitors I’ll get to my website will be 99% horny males.

It seems to me the prudent thing to do is remove all elements that make my website “adult content”, to which I ask: Would the following be considered such:

  1. Sexual encounters written in a Harlequin-novel style? After all, these type of books are accessible to anyone in a public library. You know what I mean…“He guided his throbbing mahood toward her glistening crotch”.

  2. Written words such as “asshole” and “sh**”

Also, what if the website is “adult content”-free but membership material is “adult content”, but only accessible by use of a credit card? Does not the use of a credit card to access mature material imply that you are an adult over 18 years? Or are kids under 18 years these days able to get credit cards now?

If the website is devoid of pornographic images and words, although it has an overall tone of “sensuality” to it, it would still seem to me, though, that it does not have to legally be considered “adult content”. What specific elements would make a website “adult content” anyway?

Don’t ask us what adult content is: ask the advertisers you want to attract what their definition of adult content is. They’re the only ones who count in this instance.

Can they get credit cards? No. Can they get Mommy and Daddy’s CC number behind their backs? Yes. Can they get Mommy and Daddy to open them up a checking account with a debit card? Yes.