Online Bogglish game I can play with a specific person?

I’m looking for an online game of the boggle genre that I can play with a specific person. My friend wants to play with me, but not with random internet people.


Yahoo Games has a game I like called Word Racer that is Bogglish and fun. It requires a (free) Yahoo account, but allows you to set up private tables accessible by invitation only. The game is four rounds long, with each round having more letters on the board along with variations in how the letters are arranged. I guess that explanation isn’t very clear, but you’ll get the idea. The only real departure from Boggle rules is that only the first player to enter a word gets credit for it, so typing speed does come into play. The first of the four rounds is a 4x4 square of letters, so it is otherwise identical to the original Boggle.

You can also get to that game through IM.