Online Deposit

My fiancé and I both use the same bank, separate accounts.

He asked me to deposit his paycheck for him online on Friday.

I made a huge mistake, and logged into my account and deposited his check into my account! I have called the bank twice to ask if it’s going to stay in the account, or are they going to reverse it. I’ve gotten two different answers!

The check was signed on the back with his signature, anybody out there with banking experience have advice for me? I want to transfer the funds to him, but don’t want to transfer them and then have the check deposit reversed leaving me negative.


How terrible would it be to wait a few days and watch it? Does he need the funds immediately to prevent bounced checks?

No he doesn’t but I feel bad. I was hoping the bank would give me a definite yes or no answer but no luck! Hopefully I will find out something today so I can get him his money!

Did you get the names and titles of (presumably) the two individuals? Were either of them the bank manager?