online escort services

I have wondered about these online escorts you can get now. They charge about $300 an hour. How come the cops don’t bust these girls, or is it fake and the cops own these sites?

Well, do they say that they will actually perform sexual acts? Most likely they are just listing themselves as escorts (the same way that all escort services are advertised in phone books all over the country). You are only paying them to be your “escort”, that is someone you can take to parties or events, or somebody you can pay to just be your friend.

Riiiiiight. All they’d have to do is periodic stings posing as johns and they’d run them out of business.


IIRC, for the sting to be effective, the escort has to offer sex to the undercover cop first.

If the cop calls for an escort, then says, “Does $50 for a boink sound good to you?”, that’s entrapment.

If the cop calls for an escort and she greets him with “Hi, handsome, you wanna boink? Only $50,” then he can bust her.

Needless to say, the escort girls aren’t that stupid.

Can’t they say the money was for the escort (to the party) and anything they do afterwards is between two consenting adults?

Many do. A typical line on these websites is “Any money exchanged is for my time only. Anything sexual that happens is a matter of mutual consent between legal adults” or words to that effect.

Prostitution is an agreement of an act of sex for money. Have you guys ever talked to one of these
escort women? Once you talk with them, then it all becomes clear. $300 an hour? Wow. Only $160 an
hour in my city. I did a website for an escort lady once. One night she called me & asked me if
I wanted to get ‘shagged’ & I didn’t know what that meant, so I said ‘no’. Ah, & it was free too, nuts.