Online gamers: What name(s) do you use when you play?

Whether it’s The Sims, City of Heroes, Half Life, Call of Duty, Diablo, whatever. What pseudonym(s) do you typically use?

For bonus points, what game(s) do you play online?

I used to use Trogdor the Burninator, but I’ve since discovered about 20 different people using that same name.

These days, I tend to use Johnny Fairplay. I’m nearly always playing Half Life.

In Team Fortress Classic and Counterstrike, I used NotInTheFace after one too many headshots.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory featured me as BazookaJoe because of my proclivity and proficiency (and for alliterative purposes, pwnxx0ring) with the panzerfaust. Plus it let me use Roddy Piper’s immortal line from They Live all the time.

City of Heroes has Gassius Clay and Tyke Myson.

City of Heroes sees me with a variety, laboriously detailed over in the City of Heroes thread. My Battlenet accounts have been alternately ‘Pyranthus’ and ‘The_Old_Mage’ at different times, which a variety of accounts underneath them. I think I use Pyranthus for my dust-gathering NWN account as well.

Right now I’m mainly playing Ultima Online, where my main characters are Maryia Shadebane and Verity Jerison. In the past I played City of Heros as Frank N. Furter.

In Ultima Online, I used the incredibly imaginative, creative, unique name…


In Earth and Beyond, my mains were Lady Penelope and Mischa.

Most suprising for the other players of course is that I really am a female.

I am not playing anything currently, as my fiance recently dumped UO for Star Wars Galaxies. Battling in 3D makes me nauseous, so I have not joined up. Right now I am patiently waiting for Sims2 and World of Warcraft.

“The Stranger”
(no surprise there)

I’ve been using it as my handle since the first version of Quake.

/Hi, my name is The Stranger and I’m an ex-Quake junkie…soon to be a Doom3 junkie!

I only play COH. My current name is Neekerbreeker.

Uh… are you playing on Justice? Either I’m misremembering from the other CoH thread, or I thought I saw Gassius Clay running around.

I don’t keep stable persona names really. In EQ I am/was Xiao Jia, Lini (Coeurbrise), and Beppa. In DAoC I played Lynnael/Lyni/Lynae plus Solys. In CoH I have Mindspark, Lady Eventide, and Eiko Magami. So other than that L(i/y)n* thing, I try to pick names that I think fit the character.

Guardian server. I’ve mentioned the name in the other CoH thread, but it’s also possible (albeit unlikely) that there’s another Gassius Clay out there.

See my SDMB handle.

I started using it in the early 90’s as my Laser Quest handle (indoor laser tag that costs a lot to play). Then just carried it over to StarCraft, Half-Life, CoH, et al.

Must’ve been the other thread then. I’m a new player to CoH so all the funny names I’ve seen online vs. on message boards just kind of all run together in my head after a while.

I don’t play too many games online, but lately I’ve been playing FPS games over the network with my coworkers. There’re two names I keep going back to.

ACIJACBFNAFAC - short for “a cookie is just a cookie, but fig newtons are fruit and cake”. They were surprised when I told them I was serious about what it meant; they were even more surprised, I think, when they worked it out and saw that it actually fit.

Whenever I’m losing by an exceptionally wide margin, I change my name to “sad and hunted”. 'Cause that’s what I am. Most of the time.

This username almost always, primarily spades at msn games and literati at yahoo games.

I’ve played Starcraft on battlenet, but only in a map with my teen and his friends and I used “theirgroupname_momma” which is the name they picked and set up. I usually try to learn to play at least the first screen of his games so I’ll know what he’s talking about.

I just recently finally finished Warcraft II, playing just against the cd. Go ahead laugh, I think it’s funny too. I think it took months for me to finish the human side and then just recently after having it for years finished the orc side.

After finishing Warcraft II, I started trying Starcraft. TeenSthrnAccent was trying to show me some tips to help because I’m slow and truly horrid at it and a couple of his friends stopped over to pick him up for a ball game. They got such a huge kick out of seeing a “mom” trying their game that they all decided they wanted me to try it on the battlenet with them. I thought they were just wanting me to try it so they could wipe me off the map like they do each other, but they were all sweet about it (don’t tell them I called them sweet) and allied me and then sent units over to help me defend. They even sent messages, “you need a physics lab” or whatever. I’m sure I am way too old and not the demographic the designers of the game were looking for, but I enjoyed it. Especially because TeenSthrnAccent and his friends wanted me to try and play it with them.

Evercrack player here, Sol Ro server.
Aruvqan - main, human cleric, officer Avengers Federation
Beenphun - secondary, wood elf ranger, guild leader Haunted Fold
Bilora - barbarian shaman
Bluelotus - dark elf shadowknight
Caerulia - dark elf magician
Chimpanz - human monk
Kuscheliger - vah shir beastlord
Lienia - half elf druid
Lillitha - dark elf necromancer
Lotusblumchen -halfling rogue
Miclic - dark elf wizard
Microtanklette - gnome warrior
Phluffikat - vah shir berserker
Smurphet - halfling enchanter
Sonnenhell - half elf bard
Suzique - dwarf paladin

one of each class=)

And I have a secret identity as a Guide on a server I can’t name=)

Original character: Kadfael the (human) Monk. Who is named after Cadfael the monk in the books/tv show. Which is a little joke because he is the other kind of monk. Tho Cadfael was a fighter before becoming a monk.
Main Charater: Quercus the Driud. Latin for Oak (the genus Oaks belong to)
Iksar Shaman I never play: Sthesius. After the Greek hero, with the “s” added to make it sound more lizardlike

Obsidimann. my rip-off, I mean tribute to, Obsidian, the champions hero (basically a guy made of living rock)

Star Wars: Galaxies (when I was in beta): I just used the “randomize” until I foun something I liked.

Clan Lord: (Mac RPG haven’t played in years)
Heronymous, named after an ancestor (great or great great grandfather)