Online Music Swap Website?

Is there an online website where you can list your music CDs that you want to unload, and exchange with others who have music CDs that you want to obtain?


What about music I have on my computer? Can anyone recommend a sight to share that music?

The artist receives no compensation if you do that.

The artist also receives no compensation if I sell my used CDs, DVDs or books.

Please not this nonsense argument again. The copy of the CD, DVD or book IS YOUR COPYRIGHT. It’s the copy you bought and you are allowed to make copies of it as long as you physically own it. Sell the CD, DVD or book and you lose your right to own a copy. How difficult is this for people to understand that we have to keep doing this thread over and over?

The artist receives compensation when your CD wears out (or you lose it) and you go out and buy a new one (or digital copy) to replace it; like you are supposed to do.

This thread is pushing into illegal activity discussion. Just like other threads that were shut down.

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Yes, SwapaCD does what the OP is asking for (but of course you’re only allowed to swap original CDs, not burned copies). They have sister sites for swapping books and DVDs.

If you originally bought music in digital form (e.g. from iTunes or Amazon), I don’t know what if any legal recourse you have to sell, trade, or give away the music you bought, but from the “fine print” on Amazon’s web site, I don’t think you’re allowed to redistribute any music you bought from them.

I suspect other sources have similar policies.