Online order and shipping

I ordered some stuff from Macy’s. I have a tracking number and it says it was delivered. The problemis I don’t have the proof of delivery. And I am still here in Colorado. My concern is we stopped our mail and is it possible they put it on hold and in the tracking site they put delivered and they still have the package? I’m just so worried right now. Coz I told my neighbor to check our home if there’s a package. And she said nothing was in the porch and no note either . Last question… When Macy’s shipped it do they ask for proof of delivery from the FedEx or postal that I received the item? Or am I responsible to ask for proof of delivery??? Please answer my question… Thanks

I’ve had the USPS mark things as delivered before they actually arrive on my doorstep. Also, I’ve had them mark items as delivered when they were actually holding the item at the post office. What carrier did they use?

It is FedEx the tracking number and the last delivery was made by the US postal. My first time doing the online shopping. But they should leave a note if nobody’s at home right? Does it affect the package that we hold our mail?

Why not call the local postmaster and ask? Most likely your package is either in the delivery vehicle or at the local post office waiting for pickup.

Ok I will call them. Thank you. I’m just freaking out coz first time doing it. And hearing from my neighbor nothing in the porch and no note either.

Yes. The USPS will assume that you are away if your mail is on hold. If they delivered a package to an empty house that would risk theft of the package.

I had something shipped FedEx and then USPS that said it was delivered one day and then showed up in my mailbox the following day. Either the tracking was wrong or it was delivered to the wrong house and a kind neighbor put it in there.

“Something shipped FedEx and then USPS” sounds like they used the Fedex SmartPost service. In that Fedex delivers it to your local USPS office and they then deliver it to your house with the normal mail delivery. So the first delivery you saw might have been the handoff from Fedex to the USPS.

I really appreciate your comments. I called the US postal and they said they leaved a note but its in my mail. But for now we hold our mail, so just a big relieve that my package is still in the postal. Thank you guys for responding my thread here. That stresses me out for sure.