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I got an email from suggesting that, if I buy their software (cost not given), I will be able to watch tv on the internet. The email company seems to be MC Technologies, and seems to come from Panama. I assume it is a scam of some sort. Any information or experience?

You can watch TV on the internet for free, you know.


The same address is “selling” antivirus software too:

As a general rule, anything you get unsolicited is a scam.


To whom?

I think he thinks the OP is a spammer, maybe?

Yeah, re-printing the email address and all that, I assumed the OP was a spammer when I saw the thread title.

I checked it out very early this morning and I think the OP is sincere and not trying to spam us. I have my ways. :slight_smile:

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how can i watch online tv?

how can i watch online movies?

Hmm, a new member’s first and only post is to resurrect a thread that seems to some to be spam to ask a question that’s easily found on Google. :dubious:

Try sites like Hulu, Fancast and the networks’ websites.

Don’t pay for what seems like a scam in the OP’s link and pay for what you may get for free and possibly infect your PC.

Most sites that let you watch movies are illegal to use and can’t be recommended here. is a prime spot. Its also free. You can also get a netflix account. That, of course, is not free.

Not sure… he also PM’d me.

But frankly, asking where to find TV shows or movies online is kinda like asking where to find sports scores, or funny pictures.