Online Vigilante group name?

There’s a group online that practices vigilantism basically, they have people posing as underage kids online and wait for someone to proposition them then they begin milking for information, name, address, phone etc. And what they aren’t given, they begin using resources to find. And then they begin contacting neighbors, coworkers, etc to let people know that this person is propositioning kids online.

Anyone know what group this is? I ran across it once upon a time but I can’t remember and I wanted to show a friend. Thanks.

A good group, works with the media & law enforcement, but don’t read the transcripts before bed. The stuff is nightmare fuel of the most vivid sort…

That’s it! Thanks!

Boy, it sure would suck if some perv was using your information but the vigilantes came after you.

It would, provided the perv had access to your home phone, an IP address from the same internet provider, and placed a copy of the chat log in your browser cache.

While our hypothetical perv could get photos of an innocent mark & send them to their intended victims, where would they get the photos of said mark for the “PeeJ Wankers” section of the website? No, I won’t link, it’s definitely NSFW. Follow the menu bar if you’re interested.

Remember, they work with police and DAs, so a warrant can be obtained to verify the suspect’s identity. They withold posting details until law enforcement has a chance to do their own investigation. Unlike those “responsible” news organizations who never rush a story to the air.

They’re not vigilantes, they’re “undocumented investigators”. :wink:

When I first ran across them they were vigilantes. They had tried to get the government involved but hadn’t apparently found the key that they have now, so they were left with what would amount to harassment. They found out why the person was and then sent letters and phone calls to family and friends, neighbors and even coworkers. They’d also contact local schools and all sorts of stuff.

Glad to see they’re working with law enforcement these days.

I was going to say “Well, there’s the FBI” (I know of someone who was caught and jailed as a result of FBI investigative activities) - I’d never heard of Perverged Justice. Thanks for that link, Cynical Optomist. That is a very interesting website. Some good ideas for parents on how to protect the kids - will have to implement some of them.

I recently attended a seminar put on by a member of an FBI task force on child pornography. Someone in the audience asked him about how much help this group provided. He said that there have been several times that they’ve stepped in and threatened someone, forcing him (it’s almost always a “him”) to stop just before the FBI could have nabbed him.

In other words, as long as they’re gathering data and turning it over to law enforcement, they’re helping. As soon as they intervene, they’re getting in the way.

An extreme case he told us about involved a father who walked in when his child was chatting with one of these pervs. The father jumped in and told the guy to cut it out or he’d track him down. The guy immediately stopped all contact with that particular child, but ended up molesting and killing someone else’s child later. If the father had called the FBI instead of flying off the handle, that guy might have been caught before he killed someone.

Why did I get a surf control warning when trying that link? Is it not work safe?

This should be noted:
That site is SLIGHTLY not work safe on the front page.
One layer in, and still on the site, are chat logs that are not work safe.
Two layers in, and still on the site, I saw a webcam picture of a naked child molester.

So… in summary, not work safe. We should probably remove that link or spoiler the hell out of it to prevent unpleasantness.