Online workout schedules?

Hubby and I just joined a gym about a month ago and I’ve been really enjoying it. My main goal is weight-loss, and I’ve been working on the cardio machines, but now I think I’d like to incorporate weight lifting to help things along.

I was looking online for some kind of schedule for beginners, telling me what muscles to work when, and how often, best way to alternate, etc., and the google results are too numerous! So I thought I’d check here to see if anybody has a favorite site they’d recommend.

And no way can I afford a personal trainer, so that option’s out, unfortunately.

Personally, I use ActivTrax, but I believe your gym has to be a member. This seems to be rolling out to YMCAs. However, in case my gym stops this program (or I switch gyms) I’d really like to know what other people like to use.