Only Murders in the Building

When Jane Lynch said to Steve Martin, “Here you are, with your sad little melancholy omelette”, I laughted out loud.

(When Jane Lynch shows up in your series these days, it’s not surprising - it’s inevitable.)

Every new cast member has been a delightful surprise.

I pretty much agree. Gomez’s nasal delivery grates on my ears, and Short is trying to carry this thing by himself (with limited success). Also, the episode centered on the cop with the pregnant wife was the definition of trite and unnecessary.

I like the show but Selena Gomez is one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. Looks and sounds like she’s reading her lines off a paper and she’s completely bored with it. I hope she’s famous for something else because it can’t be acting, can it?

I like it…especially the new twist about Jan. Everyone is saying that Martin Short is carrying the show, and he is doing a great job, but I also give props to Steve Martin playing the typical Steve Martin straight man to perfection.

I agree with the comments about Selena Gomez. Her character just seems like an eternal bitch and you really don’t feel for her character at all.

She doesn’t bother me at all, but I have daughters around that age. She seems believable to me. I like all the characters, and the writing is fun and interesting.

I think that’s key. They are playing her like a contemporary Millennial, which we are not used to seeing accurately represented on TV. She has a deadpan cynicism that works for the character and story. Sure her voice is a bit grating (perhaps ironic for someone who got famous as a singer) but that fits her portrayal too. Ultimately I’m cool with her.

So is it time to guess who done it? Because for the first time in a long time a tv show has me unsure.

I don’t know, but someone who plays a bassoon is holding something back.

I always knew that. She was my lead contender for awhile but now I’m thinking it’s a red herring. Maybe I should go with my first instinct. There is the matter of the note on her door. And the stabbing. They said she was stabbed in the back. That’s hard to do to yourself.