Only my mother could pull this off...

So, the Mangomom and I are moving to new digs. Cheaper rent, safer neighborhood, etc. New apartment is quite a bit smaller than our current place, but we can live with that. Basically, it’s a two story, living room is microscopic, but the bedrooms are not too much smaller than the ones we have now.

So, I convinced Mom to sell the living room furniture, (huge matching couch, chair & Ottoman) and buy smaller pieces for the new place. Well, she did it. Couch, chair, storage trunk that could double as a coffee table, couple of matching end tables, dining room table (you don’t want to know how small the new dining area is going to be. I had to use a scanning electron microscope to find it).

Then, after fruitless online shopping for new furniture she liked, she finally decided to go with my suggestion that she find some nice used furniture, and went to Opportunity Village, which is a thrift store run by a charity that helps the mentally retarded. On April 15th. They were having a sale.

So, she managed to buy all new-to-us living room furniture, get me a new computer desk and a rocking chair (I love rocking chairs) and, as a bonus, a really cool brass lamp, then rustle up someone to go to OV on moving day, pick up the furniture, come to our place and get all our stuff, move us, then go to Saver’s and find some really nice curtains, all for thirty dollars less than she sold the old furniture for.

Also, since the wood on our balcony is totally rotted and we haven’t been able to use it the entire time we’ve lived in this apartment (we’ve been on a list to have it fixed for two years) she managed to get us out of paying the $700 penalty for breaking the lease on the old place early.

This is so cool. I come home from work and find that in between packing up the living room and kitchen, my mom has managed to actually turn a profit on the freaking move.

I’m taking a few days off to help finish up with the packing and cleaning (oh, the joys of being self-employed), so I’m actually sort of getting to see her in action, with the phone calls back and forth and can you beat this guy’s price to move us, etc.


Yay for moms! How’d they get so smart, anyway? :wink:

Wow, that is something!
I just love thrift stores…the next best thing is end of semester time when all the college kids are too lazy to move their couches. :stuck_out_tongue: