Only named 2 cars and they weren't mine

Never had my own car,but named a friend of mines car “Crudmobile” and my other friends car I called “Kitten”

I don’t know how this ended up as it’s own thread,but it was supposed to be a reply the the "What do you name your car"thread :mad: Can somebody move it or just delete it? thanks

My neighbor’s car was Lurch.

My car was Ol’ Paint

Why didn’t you say it was the wrong thread before I posted too:confused:

Ah, what the heck. The other thread is for people who name their own cars, right? (I haven’t looked.) This can be the thread for people who name other people’s cars. :slight_smile:

I work with a guy who had a red Dodge/Plymoth “sport-coupé”. I don’t remember the model, but it was one of the many cars that has more “style” (at least it did back in the '80s) than performance. IIRC, they even made a turbocharged version.

Anyway, this car was made in the '80s and it had seen better days. The dark red paint was faded and the maroon velour interious was ratty. But the guy kept pouring money into it. There was always something that needed to be repaired. Finally I told him he should name it Mir, because like the Russian space station it was always in need of servicing and he kept pouring money into it. “And,” said I, “Even the Russians have decided to abandon Mir to its fate!” The name stuck.

He finally got rid of Mir and replaced it with a Toyota.