Ooo - tantalizing glimpse of Gollum's cave from PJ's facebook account

Unfortunately, you can’t see a whole lot, but it’s intriguing:

Gollum’s cave with Bilbo

It’s on Peter Jackson’s facebook page, and I’m unsure how access to it works out. Still, for what it’s worth, it looks appropriate.

I wish I could find a clear image of Martin Freeman as Bilbo.

Thankfully it is the rare Facebook account that is accessible to those who do not wish to have a Facebook account.

Those aren’t rare. Public figures’ facebook accounts are typically accessible to all; they can have private accounts merely for their friends that cannot be seen by all & sundry.

Nice I guess. Looks like the set for the Emyn Muil.

Looks…pretty much like a cave.

Is Peter Jackson gaining weight again?

Really? Virtually all Facebook links sent to me are only available to others in the walled garden. I have no use for the place.

Those are mostly not sent to you by celebrities, though.

Back on topic, this is obviously very early in the process, but for the moment, it sure looks awfully well-lit.