Oooh! A Flying Motorcycle!

Shades of Galactica 1980.

Another nifty idea that’ll never see the light of day. :frowning:

Matt Tracker, please phone home! The Mobile Armored Strike Kommand misses you…:smiley:

How the hell that thing supposed to fly?

Sheer thrust alone?

And it better have a computer system better than the space shuttle because it doesnt look remotely aerodynamically stable either.

Propeller-driven flying motorcycles have been around in small numbers for, oh, about a decade. A prototype has been seen on display in the US Patent & Trademark Office complex as part of their Community Day auto show.

[Uncle Vernon]
[/Uncle Vernon]

So let’s see, you sit on a missle, and your human senses, brain, eyes and reaction time are the guidance system?

You go first.

The going part looks like it might be fun!

The stopping part, not so much.

I would ride the everloving shit out of that thing. Just not first.

I bloody hate that site - churning out endless computer-rendered images of devices nobody will ever make. Stuff that starts there ends up all over the web being misreported as something that actually exists.

Indeed, that thing on the OP looks like nothing more than a conceptual design with no thoughts at all for how it would actually work in real life. Not much different than other things you may find in 3D galleries like the Sci-fi gallery on 3D Total or other sites.

So, you hate the visual arts? Ok, then.

We have a forum for the visual arts - Cafe Society. Sticking it in the forum we come to to learn about real-life jetpacks is just a recipe for disappointment.

*Designer Norio Fujikawa named his jet-bike the “Ohka,” which is Japanese for “Cherry Blossom.”

“My design will carry commuters through work like a divine wind,” declared the late Fujikawa, who dedicated his work to the Emperor of Japan.*

That sounds about right – that is the terminology of the suicide pilots at the end of WWII. The previous okha.

Thats what got me about the thing.

There are for all practical purposes no areodynamic LIFTING surfaces to LIFT the thing.

The only way it could fly would be like a rocket or missle, where the thrust is greater than the weight.

Heh. You caught that, too? I don’t think it was by accident.

Not at all. I hate fanciful concepts being presented as though they are reality now.

Misread as: “your human senses, brain, eyes and erection are the guidance system?”

I need to get out more.

I thought the web site made it perfectly clear it’s purely a visual design exercise and not meant to be taken as any type of engineering concept. Especially this part (already quoted, but again):

It was a hugely fun video game, though. Rocket Jockeys. Obscure, but deserves a sequel.