OOOH! PEEVED! Torn Seam in Leather Armchair.

I bought a new leather recliner in '15.

This evening, after chatting with my brother on the phone, I walk into the living room, and there is a six inch team in the upholstery!

Seam burst!


Anybody know how much repairs cost?

BTW–I am terrible with a needle & thread, & I will not attempt a repair myself.

I was picturing a bunch of tiny guys in football uniforms running around on your chair. Glad you cleared that up with the next line. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, a chair that is only three years old shouldn’t be ripping seams, IMHO. Especially a leather one. It might be out of warranty but perhaps a call to the maker and explaining the problem could bring some satisfaction.

But, yeah, I would try to fix it myself.

Nope, gotta hire somebody.
I’d screw it up.
My fingers are as deft as sausages.

Bummer, dude. Are you sure it was even sewn? It may have been glued.

Only one guy in my city repairs leather furniture.
He comes on Friday.

Did you try calling the manufacturer? That’s a defect, not wear and team. If that were my chair, they’d be fixing or replacing it.

Darn me for not proof reading that last bit. I meant, wouldn’t try to fix. :smack: Hope the professional job makes your chair good as new.

Or at least good as three-years-old.

The first time I saw this I misread it as “Tom Seam in Leather Armchair”, and unless Tom broke into your house I wasn’t sure why you would be mad…


This tread seems to be undergoing more than its chair of weam and team. Like it’s failing a port at the sams.

I have no idea who made it.

The store isn’t likely to do squat.