OOOOO-klahoma! (OKC 9/28-29)

I’m going to be in Oklahoma City the last weekend of the month, and was wondering if anyone wanted to have dinner either that Saturday (9/29), or, less ideal but doable, Friday (9/28). I’ll be staying at the Sheraton and will not have a car, so somewhere in that area would be best.


Really? Not a single Doper in OKC? That’s sad.

NoClueBoy used to be in OKC, but I haven’t seen him around lately. If nothing else, a bump.

NoClueBoy seems to have this new real-life thing going on where he is dating this ‘woman’.

Why have you been sentenced to visiting OKC?

Well, my intentions are honorable – so I just sent off a PM to NoClueBoy. (Since I don’t have an overbite, I’m not his type anyway.)

The annual meeting of the Garden Writers Association is there this year – so I’ll be hobbing and nobbing with various garden writers, plus touring gardens, etc. There are events scheduled for both Sunday and Monday nights, but Friday and Saturday are open.