Oops! Did I Break A Rule?

I just noticed a thread in IMHO which was closed because it violated a rule against asking for help in doing a research project.

“Please do not ask other members to do your homework or provide input for your article, paper, or other off-board project.”

My oops: several times, in CS, I’ve asked for opinions regarding story-writing ideas, most recently about how much scientific accuracy I can skimp in a fantasy story.

Is asking for aesthetic advice for a proposed story forbidden under this rule? Or is abstract advice okay, and the ban is against soliciting hard or amassable data (e.g., asking people to post their average income.)

Well, ISTM we see Dopers rather often posting (usually in IMHO) asking for input of one sort or another for their latest blockbuster they are writing, generally without any complaints or mods running interference. Do we still have mods around here?

Yes, creative projects are different from homework. You didn’t do anything wrong.

You rang?

Cool! Thanks! 'Cause, one thing for sure, this is a really good place to get opinions! The “hive mind” here is a masterpiece of distributed computing architecture! It always astonishes me how quickly someone will identify an old movie, or book, or painting, or even a piece of music, from only a sketchy description.

Collectively, “Unamit Ahazredit.”

We don’t have an outright ban on homework either. I’ve never gotten in trouble for saying “look, this is homework and I’ve made a good faith effort to solve this problem. Here are the steps I’ve taken, can somebody explain what I’m doing wrong?” (I also usually remix the actual numbers or wording of the problem so it won’t show up on search engines for people searching for how to solve it.)

It’s mostly just for people who ask “can somebody solve x^2 + 19x - 5 = 0 for me? thx!” As long as you show that you’re a competent person who can think for themselves and do your own work prior to asking for help, you’re fine from what I’ve observed of the moderation around here. I’m sure volume helps too, I don’t do it too often, I’d probably get in trouble if I did it all the time.

Very true…and true of a lot of things. If I popped up too often with, “Help me identify this book I read when I was a kid,” people here would get tired of that, too.

x = {0.259610648, -19.259610648} :slight_smile:
(I was really surprised to find a website that solved it for me AND explained how to do the algebra!)

But is there a “letmealgebradotcomthatforyou.com” so we can snarkily link to it? :wink:

Homework threads should be allowed for entertainment value. Look what can happen.

You know to this day I have never read that novel.

What’s it about?

A tiger and a pirate find comfort via heartwarming – even moving – attempts to attend a Ke$ha concert. The most famous part of the book involves using a time travelling Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing to hack into the concert hall’s security system. The book was later adapted into the movie Casabalanca, but I hear the book’s plot didn’t survive very well in the screenplay adaptation (ain’t that always the way).

Huh. That’s why I don’t hang out in Cafe Society much.