Open Office 3.1 Base question

I am new to databases in general and to Open Office in particular. I’ve created a form, but when I go to save a record I get the error message “Attempt to Insert Null Into a Non-Null Column”.

Background: I took an Excel spreadsheet, saved it as CSV. Then opened it in Oo Calc. Then copied into a Base table.

I set up the table using the wizard and only set to Yes those fields which are actually required to be completed.

Created the form using the form wizard.

Thoughts? Thank you in advance for the learnin’.

BTW - I have checked the Oo forums but am not finding the answer.

Are all of the required to be completed fields represented on the form? Maybe the wizard left one of them off.

I did leave off the key.

Coming back in to say that I’ve made sure all my fields are included on my form and that seemed to fix the problem. I also made no changes to the defaults when setting up my table.