Open Office .org 2.4 woes

Dear gentle folk at the Dope

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a Dell with a Intel mother board with 256 MB memory.
I just downloaded an automatic update that included Open Office .org 2.4. Subsequently I am unable to launch it from the application menu. It will start if I open an existing file.

Ubuntu recommends Pidgin as the instant messenger for community help, unfortunately Pidgin will not launch either.

As evinced by this post Firefox opened fine.

I would go to the help at the Ubuntu site but for Pidgin.

I have re-installed all of Open Office .org and that didn’t help.

Any thoughts? Perhaps I should go back to the previous version of Open Office? or Perhaps completely remove and do a fresh install of O O .o ?

I do wonder if at only 256 MB of memory I am pushing my machine a bit, the system monitor shows about 60% memory use but I am more inclined to think that I got a corrupt file.


Going to bed, I will be back and check this thread tomorrow.