Open thread: Road to the White House, the Issues

Was reading this section on CNN that gives a thumb nail view of each of the major candidates stances on several issues and thought it would make a good thread for an open discussion. I’m going to list each category and the thumb nail stance of the major candidates (I’m not going to bother with the Huckster as I don’t consider Huckabee to still be a serious candidate at this point). Feel free to discuss the issues, comment about the various stances or expand on them with cites from the Candidates web sites or other sources. It’s an open discussion to just talk about the issues and the candidates…I’m hoping the thread will be resurrected during the long slog to November.


Economic Stimulum:







I realize that all of these positions are pretty sketchy (especially for McCain for some reason), so feel free to fill them out in more depth from cites from either the candidates web page or from speeches or other sources. Discuss whatever you like about the various positions including what you’d like to see, whether you agree or disagree with the candidates stances and why, etc etc.


Here’s an interesting piece from The New Republic:

Don’t know exactly where McCain stands, but it’s an interesting question.