Opening a suspicious e-mail with an iPhone

I work for a company that is in constant threat of cyber intrusions for various reasons. Oftentimes I get e-mails at work that look suspicious (wrt phishing, viruses, etc.) In order to prevent my fellow employees and company systems at risk, I open them with my iPhone first. If it appears risky or spam, I delete it through the phone. Is my method fail proof, foolish, or somewhere in between?

There are no iPhone viruses to worry about, but it’s a good practice to take the same care when opening emails on the iPhone as you would on your computer. Don’t tap on scammy-looking links, don’t reply to any sender with personal or protected information, etc. So the answer is about as close to fail proof as you’re going to get, as long as you’re smart about it.

My question to you is, if this is your own personal phone, why are you wiling to put your personal data at risk to save the company (even though, as I said, you have nothing to worry about)? Are they that wonderful an employer?

That’s really why I asked the question. I have a blackberry from the company, which I rarely use except when traveling out of the country. I suppose I could use that but I rarely carry it with me, as it’s usually charging in my apartment.

It’s very rare to get viruses through a mobile platform. But it isn’t fail proof.

I once had problems when I opened an email up on my tablet. But I have never had any problems since I changed email addresses, and most spam now ends up in my spam box, which I automatically delete.

Lets say this: it’s better than opening up a potentially unsafe email on a windows machine, as there are tons of viruses out there for PCs and you can easily get a laptop/computer infected.