Opeth/Faceless guitar sound

I looked around a bit on teh intarwebz but didn’t really find what I was after, and I’m feeling too lazy to re-align all my pedals and effects endlessly trying to duplicate what I’m after.

I want to get something like the sound that Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth has for guitar solos. Even better is the sound that Michael Keene from The Faceless gets.

The sound I’m after is during the solos, like at 1:45 during XenoChrist, these clean-ish solos, etc.

Anyone know what kind of effects he’s running? I have a multi-effects pedal board processor and a crapload of pedals, so I should be able to set things up however I need, I just can’t get that soaring clean sound right.

Sort of sounds like “The Final Countdown” guitar sound. Not much of a recommendation that, but if they’re gonna do cookie-monster vocals, I’m not sure the guitar is gonna be the thing that ruins it for me :smiley:

Start about 3:18 in. It’s a layered guitar track, but it kinda-sorta sounds similar to me. If it’s close, maybe there’s more info out there on Europe’s guitar/equipment.

I’m not a musician, and I’m stepping outside what I know here, but I thought it sounded similar to the guitar in The Faceless clip.