Opinions on Cruises?

[grumble]broke[grumble]no time …

I managed to avoid most of them. I did get roped into seeing one show that was an absolute piece:[ul][]insipid concept (something about the spirit of fun around the world or something),[]lame choreography (ships roll. Don’t make people dance on stilts while on a ship.)[]unrehearsed and poorly danced and acted[]and a cast that collectively dropped out of a high school for the performing arts.[/ul]It had Happy, Texas written all over it.

Yo Sue Duhnym- I really really hated the one major cruise that I went on for almost exactly the same reasons.
I hated being constantly solicited to purchase tours.
I hated the “party party” atomosphere. The entertainment was cheesy and the food was what I consider “pretend gourmet” and excessive consumption was the rule of the day.
But I don’t generally do well with crowds of people bent on having a good time come hell or high water.

On the other hand, four of us rented a yacht in the BVI and had a wonderful time.
We sailed when we wanted to ,dove when we wanted to, snorkled when we wanted to, ate when we wanted to, went ashore when we wanted to …well, you get the idea.
It was really rather affordable as well-more than we normally spend on holiday but worth every extra penny.