Opinions on crustless bread

I just heard on the news that Sara Lee is going to be making crustless bread that will go on sale in July. They think it will appeal to children because most kids don’t like the crust.

In my house, my kids don’t like crust on their bread either. I buy the store brand bread and it costs 69 cents a loaf. I believe that Sara Lee products are quite a bit more expensive, so to me, it’s not worth buying it. I don’t think cutting the crust off of my kids sandwiches are that big a deal.

What do you think ?

I never understood people that don’t like the crust. I love the crust.

Eat your crust, it’s good for you.

I don’t cut the crust off the bread for my son. I try to make sure there the cheese from the grilled cheese sammiches or peanut butter form PB&J sammiches gets on the crust to entice him. Sometimes he’ll eat it and sometimes he leaves it, but I’m not going to cut it off for him.

Like Legomancer, I like the crust, even the heels.

I am of the opinion that without a crust, one has no bread. Granted, the weird tan bordering on store-bought white bread is nothing to be concerned over, but the warm, chewy crust on a freshly baked baguette? You’d be nuts not to want it. A heel of still-warm bread, with a little butter? Good God, man, that’s LIFE!

On a more technical note, how the hell do you come up with crustless bread? Sure, it’s easy enough just to cut the stuff off, but then it goes stale like a shot, wads up too easily, and the outside will turn hard and crumbly.

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**Eat your crust, it’s good for you.


Is there actually a difference in nutritional value, or are you just saying it’s not good to waste food? I’d think nutritionally they are the same - it’s the same dough, just cooked under different conditions.

Anyway I thought it was just the British that ate crust-less sandwiches… (And countries that at one point tried to emulate the British, like Japan)

Well, there’s that news about bread crust containing carcinogens, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

One good reason to get your kids to eat the crust is so they get in the habit of it. When I was in high school, someone I knew didn’t eat the crusts from his sandwiches. Whenever I saw him leave the crusts, my main thought was, “How old ARE you? Four?”. It’s hard to respect someone who’s nearly an adult but eats like a four-year-old.

Other than the cancer thing, what’s wrong with crust, anyway?

scr4, that’s what my mom used to tell me when I was a kid.

My grandmother used to tell my mom that if she ate the crusts, it’d make her hair curly. As for me, I went thru a stage of nibbling off the crusts all the way around before eating the sandwich. I outgrew that in elementary school. And I never had any problems with my Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] not liking crusts - she’s never been a finicky eater.